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  • Cornel Warren

Fall Tablescape That Breaks the Mold

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Are you tired of orange and brown all over your house during the fall months? Do you wish you could figure out how to tie your everyday decor in with the coziness of fall?

Look no further! Here are some great options for fall decor that don't require you to be drenched in dull colors:

Teal is one of my favorite colors for fall! This touch of teal table cloth looks so cute and a little different. Off-white also really brings a nice touch. I love adding natural textures like raw wood and and florals to create some variety. One thing you'll notice about my pumpkins is that several of them are actually bowls that can contain food. That way you can easily transition between decor and the practical needs of the meal.

Deep purples and mauves are also great options for a little change from the orange. I seriously think I'm going all pink and purple next year!

Another unexpected option for fall is black. Personally I don't celebrate Halloween, so I don't mean choosing a spooky vibe. Black is a great neutral that can bring some depth when paired with lighter natural hues. We are lucky because our dining room table is black, so it's easy for us to bring it into the mix.

What's your favorite 'off-the-beaten-path' color for fall decor??


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