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Fall Decor Trends, Kitchen Edition

Hi friend, welcome to my home!

Today on the blog I'm sharing some easy ways to incorporate seasonal decor in with your year-round neutral pieces. Seasonal decorating doesn't have to be a huge, daunting chore. You'd be surprised how easily you can transform a space with festive accent pieces! I'm also sharing a look at our kitchen.

Pick Your Palette

Seasonal decor doesn't have to disrupt your color scheme. It can complement what you're already doing.

For fall decor, I find pumpkins are the cutest way to make a splash in a flash! Since I break out the gourds fairly early in the season, I typically use a combination of real and artificial pumpkins. If you're looking for cute, cost-effective dupes, just scroll to the bottom of this post, or check at Target ;)

Take a look at the space you want to decorate, and notice the colors that are already in there. Are there any you can use as a focal color for this season? For my color palette, I chose to stick with white and sage. Fortunately, I was able to find pumpkins to match!

Kitchen Essentials

Once you have your color palette identified, you can search for items that match it. One of the easiest ways to pick up a palette is to find a set of kitchen towels that use your theme, which will help create an instant pop of seasonal festivity! Then you can create between three and four stations that contain a seasonal flare.

Kitchen Details

Hardwood floors in the kitchen are functional, yet sophisticated.

While we were on vacation in South Africa, I noticed that many people had tile in their kitchens. Although tile can be beautiful and durable, the kitchen is a place where lots of standing takes place, and tile can be a little harder on the joints. That's why I prefer hardwood for the kitchen. I love the look of wood so much, that I incorporated several acacia wood pieces in my kitchen to give it a natural touch.

Fun Statement Pieces

By adding one or two fun statement pieces, like a seasonal sign or a fun little Rae Dunn piece, you can make your space speak in the tone you envision for your season. Fall is cozy, with lots of trips to the pumpkin patch and making jack-o-lanterns, so I thought this little tumbler picked up all the right vibes!

Look below for some of my favorites!

Until next time,


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