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Home Show 2019 Pt. 1: Bring on the Boho

Every summer there is a home show near where we live, and I love attending. I started going even before I owned a home because I just love decor! I don't talk much about my career stuff, but I actually studied law initially. I decided early on that I wouldn't be attending law school, so I started brainstorming alternative fields of secondary education. I was drawn to interior design, but doors opened for me to enter the field of marketing instead. I still never lost my interest in decor and design (obviously), and the home show is kind of like the culmination of all the best decorators, designers and builders in the area joining forces to showcase their skills.

This year's show didn't disappoint.

The first home featured a perfect blend of boho decor and transitional chic styling.

If you want to add a boho vibe to your otherwise traditional or transitionally styled home, here are some quick tips:

1. Add natural fibers: linen, jute (see the rug above) or a coarse cotton.

2. The room above is primarily styled with transitional furniture, but the finishes are boho: throw pillows, curtains, rug and wall decor are all earthy and natural.

3. Cool geometric weaves are kind of the staple of boho chic. Pick a few good accent pieces to bring in the boho!

4. (Not pictured) You should definitely add plants, preferably hanging in some sort of a woven hanging container. Greenery is a must in boho chic!


Using plants in your decor is totally boho! You can actually even use a piece of wood, as shown above, as an accent piece that has a wealth of texture and warmth.

This girl's bedroom was so well done! I absolutely love the swing reading nook and the faux shag accents are adorable. The subtle geometric pattern in the curtains also lend to the more boho look.

Here's a look at the styled bench they added in the guest room. Absolutely charming.

Obviously I don't have any of the actual sources, but I was able to find quite a few similar items linked below!

1. Restoration Hardware Poster: Splurge

2. Just as good Orangutan Wall Art: Much less expensive

Until next time!


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