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Home Trends 2019

Every year, a local group of builders in our town joins forces to put together the most incredible show neighborhood. When we recently visited, I spotted some adorable trends for home decor that are really unique. I also got a lot of good ideas for our new build.

Dramatic vaulted ceilings are definitely trending this year. We saw everything from overlays and beams to triple vaulted ceilings like this one.

Although an incredible variety of lovely chandeliers and light fixtures graced the show, ceiling features are certainly no longer limited to such. Dramatic vaulted ceilings are definitely trending this year. We saw everything from overlays and beams to triple vaulted ceilings like this one. Moldings finished each room beautifully, and two-story spaces were found in nearly every home we visited. There's just something about the majesty of a ceiling so far out of reach that it takes some serious tools just to change a light bulb. The tall ceiling in our living room was an absolute must for us when we were shopping for a home, and now that we've lived with it for a few years, I'd never be able to go back!

Dark, Manly Studies

Every home had a designated study, and some had two. The beautiful example on the left shows the deep colors being chosen for the offices. I've seen this trend with several of the bloggers I follow as well. The man's office is chic, yet dark, with floor-to-ceiling shelving and just the right amount of decor.

The other major trend that you can see in this photo is the black window panes. This is a trend for interior and exterior home design. It creates an illusion of a larger window, and it makes the room appear more unique and stately.

Don't shy away from bold, dark colors to create a dramatic feel.

Accent walls have experienced a bit of an evolution. Gone are the days of painting one wall a different color and calling it good. The trend we spotted showed accent walls of all shapes and textures. Below you can see an example of a shiplap style accent wall in a boys' bedroom. This particular wall was done with wallpaper, not with actual wooden planks, but it still created the same rustic effect.

Wallpaper has returned with full force to create beautiful effects in a variety of rooms around the house.

Upholstered headboards are still going strong, with most show homes sporting them throughout. Although traditional color schemes still reign for children's bedrooms, they are either toned down, or paired with bright white for a fresh, clean look.

The designers at this year's show were so creative with the children's bedrooms. There were incredible built-ins perfectly suited to make the children feel at home in their personal space. Several homes had built-in bunk beds, while others had adorable reading nooks and desk setups for the kids. Almost every home sported a Jack-&-Jill bathroom with two access points.

Be Inspired

I hope that you've found something that gave you an idea for freshening up your own home. Below I've linked to some resources that might help you along. Most are under $100!

Until next time,

P.S. Although none of the designs in this post are mine, the photography was all taken by me.


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