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Living Room Neutrals

If you are looking for neutral home decor, you've come to the right place.

When we moved into our home, almost every wall was still painted contractor white. There are, of course, lots of benefits to living in a newer house, but you definitely don't get the charm of lots of previous residents adding their creative touches. It took us a while, but after a few years, we were just sick of staring at blank white walls, and we finally painted!

Paint colors can completely transform a space, setting the mood for the entire home.

Fired up to add some accents, we made frames out of chair rail and added pops of color to dress up the walls. We have a two-story living room ceiling, so we really needed to do something to break up the space.

The Key To Neutralizing Your Space

A great way to make your space more neutral is to start with a few pieces you can build from. We had this couch when we started, so we knew we wanted to build on that. It is a lovely dusty navy, so we wanted to accent it with a greige khaki color. I chose a lighter and darker version of the same color to use the darker as an accent. We also have our mantle painted a slightly warmer gray, which perfectly ties the three colors together.

The other key to creating a great neutral space is to vary textures. Greenery is the best for adding varied texture, especially if you use eucalyptus or other plants that have large, whimsical leaves.

I also typically choose a single shade of metallic to use throughout the room. For our living room I chose champagne gold with mercury glass. I also like using books as decor. I actually painted the top one white to help it tie in with the rest of the room.

I hope you've enjoyed getting a tour of our living room! For details and links to some of the things you see in these photos, they are linked below!

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