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New Year, New Era

Well, friends, this year is off to an interesting start. Some of you may know that I wrapped up my job as a Marketing Director at the end of last year. Here I am on my last day!

Stay at home mom blog about decor

Now I'm fully embracing life as a #sahm <3 I celebrated with a month-long trip to South Africa (that you can check out here). The kids love it, of course, since they get to see me all day. I love it since I can FINALLY tackle things in my home that have been driving me crazy! My first big project was getting our dining room in order, and for me that meant replacing our bland-as-can-be brushed stainless "chandelier" with a lovely new statement piece that I was SO fortunate to find. ​

White dining room with light gray walls and neutral colors. Blue pattern tablecloth and skirted diningroom chairs. woven straw placemats, dark blue plates and glass apothecary jar decor

Let's just say I'm happier than this snowman with how it turned out!!

We've had a TON of snow... 

I also redid our chairs. I don't know about you, but sometimes I have trouble finishing a project. That's definitely been a growth area for me since I met my husband! He is AMAZING about seeing things through right to the bitter end and the last crumb swept up. All that to say, I got one of these chair covers almost a year ago to see if I liked it. I did, but never went back to get the rest!

I love the long, dressy new look! 

Of course, this was the only one the store had in stock, so I had to get it taken down by the experts. It was kinda interesting trying to fit it in my car. Speaking of which, I have exciting news! My new car has officially been completed and is being shipped to our local Cadillac dealership. I'm SO excited, and I will definitely be sharing more about that when it arrives.

Notice my two little helpers (well, you can see one, anyway) patiently eating their complimentary popcorn while they wait for me to get the new wooden chandelier. Sometimes the kids hate shopping, but other times they find a way to make it fun.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about our new chandelier and about what statement pieces you plan to bring into your home this year!

Until next time,

P.S. Since I get questions about where I shop all the time, I link to most of the decor pieces I use here. You can also find that link in my Instagram profile under Shop My Feed!


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