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Valentine's Celebration Decor

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

In our family, Valentine's Day is a special time. Not only is it a celebration of love where everyone wants to give everyone else a token of our affection, but it is also two days before my husband's birthday! Sometimes, when the dates work out just right, we are able to celebrate V-Day during the weekend prior, while we celebrate Hubby's special day the following weekend.

This year, however, it did not quite work out that way. With Valentine's day on Thursday, and his birthday the following Saturday, I decided to plan a weekend trip for us. That meant we had to celebrate the birthday on Valentine's Thursday.

We had to celebrate his birthday on Valentine's Thursday...

I know, I know... it's not great asking people to come over on Valentines, but I knew that my family could celebrate with their baes during the weekend. So we went for it!

The Tablescape

I was having terrible inspiration issues in the days before V-Day. I just didn't feel creative. I needed to call in some serious help. My first draft involved turquoise and flowers, and I completely HATED IT! Do you ever feel that way? As if your imagination has nothing to offer you? That's how I felt.

Red, White and Pink!

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"

Lucky for me, my friend, @eden&vine, came over to help me decorate. I have been in a bit of a decor slump, and her creativity was just what we needed to get this table dressed up! We started by getting rid of everything I had gotten out. It had to be done. We needed a blank slate.

Getting Inspired

Next we got over to TJ Maxx, who (surprisingly) only had Easter decorations out. So we tried Target and Michael's, and we hit the jackpot. For under $100 we were able to get place mats, flowers, string lights, banners and more to dress our table in pretty pink and red.

Since V-Day is over, I linked to some year-round sources for the decor pieces you see here. *See below*

Our table had just the right balance of whimsy and charm, and these polka dot plates played a big role in that. They are Grace's Teaware brand, and if anyone knows where I can get more CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY. I got all of it at HomeGoods, but they rarely have it.

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's celebration as much as we did.



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